Ocean Isle Beach, NC - Golf Cart Rules and Regulations

In the State of North Carolina, if a golf cart is to be operated on the streets, highways or public vehicular areas, it is considered a motor vehicle and subject to all laws, rules and regulations that govern motor vehicles. In short, the golf cart must have all of the following:

  • Headlights
  • Taillights
  • Turn signals.
  • Rear view mirrors
  • State Inspection Sticker
  • License Plate Issued by NCDMV
  • Liability Insurance
  • The driver must have a current, valid Driver’s License
  • Child Restraint Laws must be followed. 

North Carolina – Golf Cart Rules and Regulations

This ordinance is to establish guidance in the interest of public safety. Golf carts hereinafter:

  1. Golf carts shall not be operated on or alongside a public road or street with a posted speed limit greater than 35 miles per hour.
  2. Golf carts may cross a road with a posted speed limit greater than 35 mph. However, once this segment of road has been transversed, the golf cart is still required to travel only on or along a roadway with a speed limit of 35 mph or less. Golf carts must cross in a manner that is the most direct route in order to decrease crossing distance, i.e. no riding along a road or crossing at an angle. Under no circumstance is a golf cart allowed to cross a control access facility other than at bridges which cross over or under a control access facility.
  3. Any person who operates a golf cart must be responsible for all liability associated with operation of the golf cart and must have liability insurance coverage which will cover the use of a golf cart in an amount not less than required by North Carolina law for motor vehicles operated on public highways in the State of North Carolina.
  4. Any person who operates a golf cart must be at least sixteen (16) years of age or older. No person may operate a golf cart unless that person is licensed to drive upon the public streets, roads and highways of North Carolina and then, only in accordance with such valid driver’s license. Golf cart operators must carry their driver’s license on their person at all times while operating a golf cart on public roads.
  5. Any person who operates a golf cart on public streets and roads must adhere to all applicable State and local laws, regulations and ordinances, including but not limited to those banning the possession and use of alcoholic beverages, and all other illegal drugs. In addition, no golf cart containing any open container of alcohol shall be operated on public roads.
  6. The operator of the golf cart shall comply with all traffic rules and regulations adopted by the State of North Carolina and the County/Town/City which governs the operation of motor vehicles.
  7. An operator may not allow the number of people in the golf cart at any one time to exceed the maximum capacity specified by the manufacturer. The operator shall not allow passengers to ride on any part of a golf cart not designed to carry passengers, such as the part of the golf cart designed to carry golf bags.
  8. In no instance shall a golf cart be operated at a speed greater than 25 miles per hour. No golf cart may be operated at a speed greater than reasonable and prudent for the existing conditions.
  9. Golf carts must be operated at the right edge of the roadway and must yield to all vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
  10. Golf carts must park in designated spaces in such a manner that multiple golf carts can utilize the space. All parking rules and limits apply. No parking on sidewalks is allowed.
  11. Golf carts must have basic equipment supplied by the manufacturer, including a vehicle identification or serial number. Such equipment must include all safety devices as installed by said manufacturer, including rear view mirror and a rear triangle reflector of the same type required by North Carolina law.
  12. Golf carts without lights may be operated only during daylight hours. Golf carts meeting the requirements set forth below may operate at any time:
  13. Golf carts having two (2) operating headlights, one on each side of the front of the golf cart and two (2) operating taillights, one on each side of the rear of the cart, all four (4) lights must be visible from a distance of 500 feet; and
  14. If a mechanical turn signal indicator is not installed, then hand signals are required for turns.

Other Terms





  • Pickup/Deliver-key should be placed under the front seat on the battery.

  • When you leave on the final day, make sure the charger and extension cord are close by and the cart is LOCKED.

  • Obey all local and state laws.

  • Valid Driver’s license is required to operate cart.


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